Cinimon Clark's workshop series The Peaceful Pit Bull

In this two-hour workshop, Cinimon will be handling dog aggressive dogs (up to three if time permits) while explaining to the participants each thing she does with the dog as she goes along. You will learn...

- How to remain calm even if your dog isn't

- Body language - what your dog is trying to tell you

- What your dog is actually feeling and thinking when they have a 'freak out'

- How to get your dog to listen to you when they see another animal

- Force free techniques - you don't have to be the bad guy anymore 

- Why most reactive dogs aren't actually aggressive

- How to use behavior modification to change your dog's behavior

- Why positive methods work so well

- Why old school methods don't work

- Why you should NOT reprimand for aggression


100% cruelty free - No choke chains, pinch collars or leash corrections of any kind are ever used

The workshop will fill up quickly, but don't worry! We hope this will be the first of many. If this date is already full when you email, we will just add more dates (and more workshops) to the calendar.   




Humans only please - you must leave your dog at home

Cost for this first workshop is only $35

This is an outdoor event - address will be disclosed after you are registered

Please email either on the contact form on this site or at 

Once you have emailed with your interest in attending, you will be emailed an invoice 

Limited to 20 participants

Must be able to stand for two hours or bring your own seating

No filming - photography is allowed

If you would like for your dog to be one of the participating dogs, please fill out the contact form on this site or email at All dog breeds welcome for participating dogs 

Please include this information on your dog...





How the dog responds to his or her 'triggers' (does dog scream, lunge, bark, etc.)

Previous bite history (if any)

Please provide a photo

Cinimon will email you back with further questions she may have about your dog. She wants to get a diverse group of dogs to work with so everyone attending will get a better understanding of a broader range of personality types in dog aggressive dogs. 


Cinimon Clark

intuitive canine counselor