Group Classes:

Cinimon has been teaching group classes for The American Pit Bull Terrier, reactive (and/or aggressive) dogs and dogs with anxiety issues since 1998. Classes are small and cruelty free ~ no leash corrections or harsh treatment.  


Cinimon offers a quiet, safe and stress free place for your dog to stay while you're out of town... a place where your dog is understood and their emotional well being is taken into account. ~ Dogs will be evaluated prior to boarding. 

Private  Behavior Consultations:

Private sessions are very thorough. Cinimon takes a behavioral history of your dog and gives you a detailed protocol to follow so you and your dog(s) can live harmoniously.

Phone Consultations:

If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, a phone consultation is extremely helpful. Cinimon does not have to personally work with your dog for you to get results. Her methods aren't about obedience training, they're about parenting your dog the way they need to be parented.  

Seminars and Workshops:

​Cinimon gives seminars on canine behavior, canine aggression, positive method behavior shaping and The American Pit Bull Terrier. 


Animal Communication:

Communication readings are done over the phone. Cinimon does not have to see your animal in person to give you an informative reading. 




Cinimon Clark's Pit Bull Training Club:

Cinimon has a closed Facebook Group in which she posts videos, live interactive videos, training and behavior tips as well as discussing "all things Pit Bull". Subscribe now!