Psychic Reading

Cinimon has been a professional psychic medium and animal communicator since 2002. If you've ever wondered what your animals are really thinking and feeling, Cinimon can fill you in on your pet's secret life. She can tune into animals and humans living or deceased as well as your spirit guides.    

Behavioral Phone Consultations 

Would you like to have a one-on-one consultation with Cinimon? Smart move! In one phone call, she can give you the tools to change your entire relationship with your dog. ~ Will your dog be perfect after one phone call? Um, probably not. But, you will have the tools to make it happen. Cinimon feels that 'old school training' is like a diet. You stop doing it and the weight comes back. Cinimon's techniques are a lifestyle change. You have to do the work but...

You CAN have a wonderfully behaved dog and you will have this information for life. ​

Behavior and Reading Combination

In this package you will receive a reading first. Then Cinimon will take a behavior history on your dog. Next she will go over a behavior modification protocol for you to follow.  The first step is to get your household under control. Reducing everyone's stress is paramount for the success of the program.  

Cinimon Clark

Canine Behaviorist ~ Animal Behavior Intuitive 

Interactive Readings

Have you ever wanted to give yourself a psychic reading? Now's your chance. You get two readings with this package. The first 30 minute reading you receive from Cinimon will not only be freaking amazing, it will prepare you for the next one. In the second session (about an hour long), Cinimon will first guide you through a meditation. Then she will introduce you to your spirit guides and ask you questions that pertain to your life. You'll be getting the answers directly from your spirit guides and giving yourself an actual reading.

If you're ready to go to the next level on your spiritual path, this is the package for you. Cinimon will assist you in releasing any blocked areas you may have, show you how you can recognize the bigger patterns in your life and introduce you to your spirit guides.

Warning: We WILL laugh a lot and maybe cry a little, too. Just so you know.