My dog Tank was so crazy when he saw other dogs. He would scream, pull on the leash and bite at me. It was scary and I didn't know what to do. He would freak out in the house when he heard other dogs outside, too.  He almost broke through the window! We took Cinimon's group class and she showed me how to help Tank relax and trust me. Tank actually listens to me now. It's amazing! Thanks, Cinimon!

Steven ~ Los Angeles CA  

Cinimon Clark is an Intuitive Canine Counselor. What is that, you ask? Simply stated, it is a merging between Western and Eastern philosophies on canine behavior. Cinimon believes that there is much more going on under the surface of a dog's actions. Her abilities as a natural animal communicator and psychic medium allow her to see deeper into a situation and help heal the dog from the inside out. She has been called 'the practical psychic' because she uses not only her intuitive gifts, but scientifically proven behavior protocols that help people and dogs while allowing everyone to keep their dignity and restore mutual respect.  


Cinimon Clark

All of Cinimon's techniques are 100% cruelty free. No choke chains, pinch collars, shock collars or leash corrections are ever used.  Her techniques work easily and quickly and you don't have to be harsh or 'bark out orders'. 

Cinimon teaches you how to outsmart your dog instead of out muscling them. 

We went to five different trainers before Cinimon and our dog Sable's aggression was getting worse. She was aggressive with all people who came over. Then she started to attack us! We were about to make the appointment to have her put down and we were heartbroken so we decided to try one last time to get help. We're so thankful we found Cinimon! She showed us how to be the parents our dog needed us to be. Sable likes people now! We are so happy that we get to keep our dog. Thank you, Cinimon!

Angela ~ Los Angeles CA 

We have two dogs and they were best friends for years. Then one day it's like they hated each other. They would fight if they were together and it was getting harder and harder for us to deal with the situation. We didn't know what to do. They didn't need obedience training. They needed to be friends again. When Cinimon came to our house she explained how our dogs were feeling and why they were fighting one another. It made so much sense! She gave us a protocol to follow and wrote it all down for us so we wouldn't forget. The difference is amazing! We are shocked at the progress our dogs have made. Cinimon, you're the best!    

Chloe ~ Los Angeles CA    e.