What people are saying...

Holy cow I wish I found you 10 years ago! You are amazing! My dogs are completely different with just changing a few things. They have started playing more and we all feel safe again. OMG I'm floored by the change. It's so easy to calm them down now and my house is peaceful again. You're a genius! I can't thank you enough.

D. Wilson 

I connected with Cinimon in 2008 when she gave me my first reading. I've had more readings since then. Her passion to help others and accuracy in information shared was a catalyst in creating incredibly positive change and growth in my life. I'm forever grateful for her and I highly recommend a reading from her! Thank you so much, Cinimon!

S. Rose

I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Cinimon and she changed my life for the better. There were things I was struggling with, even taking medication for, but now I am clear. She is the real deal. Thank you!

T. Vargas

Cinimon Clark is a gifted and beautiful soul. I had my first reading with her and she was highly knowledgeable and very articulate. She is worth every penny and then some! I will definitely be using her again! It is a blessing to have someone like Cinimon on this planet.

D. Sawtooth

Unbelievable! My dogs are completely different in under a week. They don't fight anymore and it's so easy to know what they're feeling now. I didn't realize how much my emotions were affecting everyone's behavior. My house is calm again and I'm not stressed out anymore. Thank you, Cinimon!

R. Bales      

Cinimon Clark

Canine Behaviorist ~ Animal Behavior Intuitive 


Cinimon believes in four fundamental building blocks in working with animals...

Respect - Dignity - Compassion - Kindness 

Cinimon started her business Turnaround Training in 1999 and has been specializing in The American Pit Bull Terrier and all levels of canine aggression (in all breeds of dogs) for over 20 years. She uses only cruelty-free techniques. No leash corrections, pinch collars or shock collars of any kind are ever used.

Cinimon bridges the gap with her logical, behaviorally based techniques as well as her psychic gifts so you receive a complete picture of your situation. Cinimon will give you the scientifically proven behavior modification tools to parent your dogs in a way that promotes peace and mutual respect. And you'll probably laugh a lot during the process, too. 

Her psychic gifts help her show clients what their dog is actually feeling underneath the 'bad behavior'. To be heard and understood is really what we all want. Once we understand one another, real lasting change can take place. 

Being a psychic medium and animal communicator is just normal life for Cinimon. In her readings for clients, she reminds them to lighten up and forgive themselves. Her readings offer powerful change. You can change your life, be inspired and empowered all while laughing and having an open heart. Cinimon bridges the gap between the living and the deceased as well as the intuitive and practical sides of life.