Turnaround Training group classes in
Los Angeles

Class Start Dates

VIP & DWI at

Red Barn...

May 3rd
June 21st

Puppy Class at
Village Pet Supply...

May 4th
June 22nd

Feel free to call or
email for more info.




Cinimon and her Pit Bull,
'Cha Cha' at the
Best Friend's sponsored event...
Neighborhood Pit Bull Day
in South Los Angeles on
October 30th 2011  

As always, classes are small and
no leash corrections are used. Our
training method is holistic, behavior-based and respectful for both dog and owner.


We are now allowing other breeds of dogs to attend! Email for more info at...


Group classes are held at two different locations...

Red Barn Feed and Pet 
18601 Oxnard Street
Tarzana, CA 91356

Cinimon has been teaching Pit Bull classes at Red Barn since 1998.

Village Pet Supply
4838 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Valley Village, CA 91607

We are currently offering three different levels of Pit Bull training classes. Each class is an hour and courses are six weeks in length. (Six consecutive weekends).
Puppy Class -
This Pit Bull Parenting class is for dogs who are friendly with people and other animals.
Zero aggression only, please.
Although dogs of any age can attend, it is commonly known as the puppy class. We cover all the basics.

The obedience basics include...
Sit stay
Down stay
Waiting at the door politely
Coming when called
Not jumping on people
Not pulling on leash
In addition to obedience, we discuss Pit Bull specific topics. We'll talk about what worrisome behavior to look for and how to curb it. We'll explain inter-dog aggression and what that means to your Pit Bull and to you as the owner. We will clarify Pit Bull fact VS myth and give you information to prepare you for a lifetime of happiness and joy with your Pit Bull.  
VIP (Very Important Pit Bull) -
Pit Bull dogs who are dog aggressive. This means Pit Bulls who are aggressive and/or reactive to other dogs but NOT people. While dog aggression is a normal Pit Bull trait, expecting your Pit Bull to act politely around other leashed dogs is very appropriate. In fact, respectable behavior should be required. It is possible for your dog to behave around other dogs and we'll show you how. - Other breeds are welcome!

* Intermediate and Advanced classes available for Turnaround Training Graduates*
DWI (Dogs with Issues) -
Pit Bull dogs who have problems being around other animals and people. If you've been kicked out of other classes for your dog's disruptive and aggressive behavior, this class is for you. In addition to covering all the basics, we talk about aggression in depth. We use a combination of desensitization, counterconditioning and acclimation to ease your dog into feeling calm around his or her triggers. The goal of this class is to help your dog feel comfortable around other people and dogs. We do have a graduation on the last day of class, however my priority is for you and your dog to feel relaxed and happy. If your dog is calm and having fun, you pass! 

If you are looking for your dog to be perfect at obedience no matter the emotional cost, Turnaround Training is not for you.
Please note:
We don't force dogs to interact if they are not comfortable and ready to do so (dog friendly dogs are comfortable and ready to do so). We do not teach 'off leash' classes. We work with Pit Bulls and to deny what they were bred to do would be foolish and irresponsible on our part.     
If you are interested in off leash socialization with other dogs, please email for private session availability.  


Turnaround Training - The Pit Bull Specialist
Since 1999


Meet my new baby... Brahma. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff I adopted out of the West Valley Animal Shelter here in Los Angeles in July, 2013.
(And, yes that is my Pit Bull Cha Cha in the back.)    

Lovely 'Dove' the Pit Bull is now part of a wonderful family!


Princess 'Pig' the Pit Bull found her forever castle.


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