Cinimon Clark

Cinimon can connect with animals living or deceased. Her readings are positive, uplifting,   empowering and fun. 

Whatever problems you're having with your dog, a phone call can help. Cinimon takes a behavioral history, then she formulates a behavior modification protocol for you to follow. You will see remarkable results in your dog's behavior within weeks. It's not about 'training'. It's about shifting behavior.      

psychic readings

phone only 

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Behavior consultation

Phone or skype


​public speaking 

Topics include:

All things Pit Bull... Everything from aggression and anxiety to successful management and behavior modification. Talk can be tailored to your audience.    

Spiritual Growth...

Changing your life into one of joy and serenity, personal growth, strengthening your intuition, connecting with your spirit guides, etc. 

Talk can be tailored to your audience. 

Cinimon is a psychic medium who specializes in empowering  people. If you're looking for clarity about any situation, Cinimon can show you the bigger picture and give you guidance to change your life for the better. ~ Maybe you would like to meet your spirit guides, release blocks to your success or be more in tune with your intuition?

Cinimon can help. 

animal communication 

phone only

intuitive canine counselor