I can help you bridge the gap between what you both want and help you have a peaceful life together. 

Merging Science and Spirituality  


What I do... 

Private phone consultations




Psychic readings - for yourself and/or your family members and pets living or deceased.  


  • I help you understand why your dogs are behaving   the way they are 
  • I help you and your dog feel okay again.
  • I give you a comprehensive management plan so your dog no longer feels the need to be aggressive
  • I create order and peace in your life.
  • I allow you and your dog to feel and know you're safe.
  • I give you the tools to understand your dog.
  • I help you achieve mutual respect. 
  • I give you your life back
  • I give you this info so you'll have it for life! 



Does Your Dog...

  • Hate other dogs?
  • Rule your life (and not in a good way)?
  • Have anxiety?
  • Have 'issues'?
  • Act aggressively to people?
  • Bite?
  • Act territorial?
  • Act overprotective?
  • Act fearful?
  • Bark constantly?

None of us has the right to say to an animal, you must or I will hurt you...

Monty Roberts


Respectfully bridging the gap between dogs and their humans since 1999

Cinimon Clark

Canine Behaviorist ~ Animal Behavior Intuitive